Hao Ren heard Zhan Hao’s words, and Ma Chao threw him a look of sit up and take notice.

重庆夜网,重庆耍耍网,重庆桑拿论坛,重庆夜生活论坛桑拿洗浴会所 Hao Ren heard Zhan Hao’s words, and Ma Chao threw him a look of sit up and take notice.

"Yes, Xiao Hao, I haven’t seen you for a few days. I can’t believe you’re getting smarter." Hao Ren praised Zhan Hao happily.
Zhan Hao’s face turned red and quickly changed to an angry face and said to Hao Ren, "What do you mean by this sentence, Brother Xiaoren? I am not stupid at ordinary times!"
Hao Ren bowed his head and smiled and said, "Yes, you are not stupid at ordinary times, but I put my foot in my mouth."
Zhan Hao’s face showed a proud expression. "That’s more like it." Zhan Hao continued to stare at Hao Ren. "Xiaoren, you haven’t told me the answer yet. Did I just say it in the end?"
Hao Ren glanced at Zhang Ting and told her, "I praised him for being clever just now. It seems that I want to take back what I praised him just now."
Zhang Ting low smile.
War Hao a face of nasty scratching his head finally Zhang Ting looked away and pushed Hao Ren’s arm. "Come on, don’t tease Xiao Hao and tell him directly."
Hao Ren glanced at him and stared at Zhan Hao. He shook his head and smiled. "In fact, the inn where you live is from the south. This inn was as early as we people stared at. I didn’t expect you to live there as soon as you lived, and I don’t know whether to say whether you are lucky or not."
War hao after hearing a face of surprised expression at Zhang Ting.
"Sister Xiaoting, it turned out that when you came in, it was right to say that there was something fishy in this inn. That inn was really not good."
At this time, Zhan Hao’s eyes showed that he was full of Hao Ren. When he heard this, he looked at Zhang Ting. "You seem to notice that the inn is wrong when you listen to Xiao Hao?"
Zhang Tingting stood up and looked at her with a smug look in her eyes. Hao Ren "Don’t let us women be inferior to you men. I don’t know if you men have ever heard of women’s sixth sense, but it is very strong."
"Sister Courtyard, you know that there is something fishy about the inn. You just said the sixth sense." Zhan Hao looked at Zhang Ting with more worship.
Zhang Ting gently nodded. "But I don’t have a sixth sense. I also want to have this sixth sense like my sister in a small court."
Zhan Hao suddenly showed remorse expression on his face. "What are you doing to hit me on the head? It hurts!"
Zhan Hao touched his head after being beaten and looked at him with a face of bitterness.
Hao Ren smiled angrily. "I hit you to wake you up. You guy still wants to have the sixth sense like your little sister. Didn’t you just listen to your little sister? The sixth sense is a woman. Are you a woman? Do you want to be a woman?"
Let Hao Ren ask Zhan Hao so continuously and look at Zhang Ting with a dubious expression. "Sister Xiaoting, if this is really a woman, do you have this sixth sense?"
"Generally speaking, a woman has such a strong sixth sense." Zhang Ting replied with a smile on her mouth.
Zhan Hao pulled his shoulder. "It seems that I don’t have this sixth sense. It’s a pity."
Zhan Hao’s face was unhappy and suddenly he became excited again. His nose sniffed in the air like a little paparazzi.
"Sister Xiaoren, eldest brother, do you smell the fragrance?" War Hao a jilt just now I didn’t have the sixth sense lost eyes with light to Zhang Ting with Hao Ren side Zhang Ting with Hao Ren look at each other husband and wife two people smile at the same time.
The smell of grilled fish is so fragrant in the air. It’s not like they have a nose problem. How can they not smell it?
"Grilled fish smells" Zhang Ting replied with a smile "Uh-huh, I also smell the little sister. What are we waiting for to eat grilled fish quickly?" After saying this sentence, Zhan Hao lost their husband and wife and ran in the direction of sending out grilled fish.
"This guy forgot everything behind him when he touched eating." Zhang Ting looked at Zhan Hao and shook his head and laughed.
Smelling the delicious grilled fish, Hao Ren remembered that he seemed to have not eaten anything for a day and a night.
He has no appetite to eat since he came to this town to find them.
Now that people have found him, they feel a little hungry
Swallowed saliva Hao Ren took his wife’s hand around him. "Let’s hurry over and eat, too. I’m worried that if we go late for a while, the grilled fish will be gone."
Say that finish ranging from Zhang Ting to react Hao Ren took her hand and chased her to the direction where Zhan Hao disappeared just now.
Sure enough, when the couple came over, Zhan Hao was already eating the roasted fish like a greedy cat.
When eating grilled fish, Zhan Hao faintly heard someone behind him
This greedy cat doesn’t even forget to eat the grilled fish in his hand when he looks back. "Sister Xiaoting, Brother Xiaoren, you are also here. Come and eat this grilled fish. It smells good. Khufu’s craftsmanship is great. This fish is delicious."
While roasting fish, Khufu was embarrassed to hear the Six Emperors praise his craft.
"Gentleman, little lady, you are here. These two are for you." Khufu saw the couple come over and brought the grilled fish to the couple.
Zhang Ting looked down and smelled the fish in this bowl, which made her drool.
"Old Hu Xiaohao didn’t boast that you really have a good hand in grilled fish."
"Well, it’s true that the craft of khufu is getting better and better." Hao Ren also praised it and took out a baked fish from the bowl and stuffed it into Zhang Ting’s hand
"Eat quickly. If we don’t eat this grilled fish, we really won’t have it." Hao Ren said as he gave Zhang Ting a wink.
Zhang Ting followed his wink and soon understood what Hao Ren meant. Suddenly Zhang Ting’s face was in distress situation.
Chapter 1221 Mysterious Mountain!
Just as the couple were eating grilled fish, Zhan Hao had wiped out his grilled fish here.
"There will be no so soon? Khufu? " Zhan Hao came over and had another one waiting for him to come and eat. I didn’t think a bowl was waiting for him when I came.
Khufu walked over and replied, "It’s almost six emperors. You wait a little longer and this fish will be fine soon."
Zhan Hao flashed a disappointed expression on his face, but the thought of eating it later revived his spirit.
While waiting, Zhan Hao saw the happy Zhang Ting and Hao Ren.
"Little sister Xiaoren, why don’t we go to the backyard and catch some fish? This grilled fish is so delicious. Don’t you want to eat any more?" Zhan Hao thinks that eating another one is not enough to fill himself. He thinks about it and decides whether to come over and continue to persuade the two men. I hope they can promise him this small request.
Zhang Ting looked at him funny and said, "I’m full without this fish. How about you, Hao Ren?"
Hao Ren ate the fish tail and heard his wife’s question. Ma stopped and answered seriously, "I’m a fish, too."
Face with hope war hao a listen to the husband and wife this sentence face showed great disappointment.
"What kind of belly are you two? This fish will fill your belly. This is too good to feed." Zhan Hao looked no
Zhang Ting is Hao Renxiao with a smile for a while before mouth "xiao you really hungry? Do you still want to eat meat? "
Everyone was a little disappointed. When Zhan Hao heard this sentence, his eyes immediately lit up and looked at him. "Brother Xiaoren, what do you mean by this sentence? Is there any way you can get meat here?"
At this moment, Zhang Ting also stopped smiling and stared at the man in front of her seriously.
Hao Ren grinned and glanced at them slowly. "I do have an idea, but I just don’t know if you dare to follow me!" "
Zhan Hao, how do you think he is Xiaoren’s eldest brother when he listens to this sentence? This is a bit mean to look down on him.
In order to win back a sigh of relief, Zhan Hao stood up in his chest and looked at him and said, "Xiaoren eldest brother, hurry up and say your way. If I don’t dare to fight Hao, it’s not a man."