"You can’t even eat something. You should be glad you met me, or you would have starved to death." Qing Moyan took a bite. He didn’t eat it, but spit it in his hand. "Here, eat it."

重庆夜网,重庆耍耍网,重庆桑拿论坛,重庆夜生活论坛喝茶资源 "You can’t even eat something. You should be glad you met me, or you would have starved to death." Qing Moyan took a bite. He didn’t eat it, but spit it in his hand. "Here, eat it."

RuXiaoNan froze.
What’s with the arrogant tone? Let her eat it and spit it out from his mouth … with his saliva on his face …
Her self-esteem will never allow it!
She tried to turn away, but the animal could betray her.
Mouth in the past …
It smells good!
Chewing in tears
Chapter 9 Get into trouble and get drunk with catnip
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RuXiaoNan follow green ink yan into a mansion.
Outside the mansion, there is a plaque with two big gold words written on it.
"The world is back!" People in the house saluted in succession.
Green ink yan horse strode into the office door RuXiaoNan shrinkage in his robe to reveal a furry head curiously looked around.
Sure enough, you should still be with a rich and powerful master.
"The duke is in the house. Do you want to go there?" Steward carefully test way
Blue ink yan looked up at the day look a bit bleak.
When the sun goes down, it will be the poison of other people. Every time he is poisoned, he will stay indoors or find a place where no one is there. He never wants to expose his most vulnerable side to others.
"Let’s wait until the day." Green ink Yan turned and went to his own hospital and raised his hand to touch Ru Xiaonan’s little head.
This time, it successfully restrained the poison of other bodies, and I wonder if it will be effective this time.
While it’s still early, Qing Mo Yan took off his clothes and ordered people to bathe in water.
Who knows that some restless little guy slipped out after he took a bath.
These days, Ru Xiao Nan has been talking to Qing Mo Yan all the time, except on the road. She jumped out along the window.
Outside is the garden. Because of her petite figure, she got into the flowers as if she had entered the forest and soon got lost.
She wandered around feeling that every room looked the same, but she couldn’t find the room that had just come out.
Suddenly she smelled a cool smell.
Then her body ran uncontrollably down the smell and jumped into a piece of grass, rolling wildly in the grass, chirping with her front paws holding those leaves and rubbing her head constantly …
Meow, what’s wrong with me
Ru Xiaonan felt as if she were drunk, and the scene before her shook, and then she saw her grandfather in front of her.
"I’ll give you all my treasures, little darling. Don’t let your uncle know or that prodigal family will sell them all!"
RuXiaoNan left the pie mouth.
She wanted to tell the old man that it was too late. She became an animal and couldn’t go back. She couldn’t keep those treasures for him …
She looked up at the virtual chirp and was found by two passing maids.
"Oh, my God, Miss Lian grows catnip … it’s ruined!" Two maids screamed and rushed to catch the black fragrant beaver that was being destroyed by catnip in the garden.
"Isn’t this the wild cat that the world brought back?" Someone recognized it.
"It’s ugly to grow so thin."
RuXiaoNan didn’t take a shower these days because of the neck injury, and just now she was crawling around in the garden, covered in mud and grass clippings, which really didn’t look good.
Ears were pinched RuXiaoNan shook his head hard and tried to jilt the man.
But she is still under the illusion of catnip smell, just like a drunk who controls her body by roots.