Xu Fei Niang knows her own business, but she doesn’t want to just see her lover’s face with an air of wanting to go into the hole but afraid to say it. Xu Feiniang said, "I wanted to go back to the mountain to see the red medicine, but I would very much like to visit Miss Cheng Yun in the cave. Let’s go in and disturb a cup of green tea." Red medicine suddenly felt that the master was full of joy for his care.

重庆夜网,重庆耍耍网,重庆桑拿论坛,重庆夜生活论坛桑拿夜网 Xu Fei Niang knows her own business, but she doesn’t want to just see her lover’s face with an air of wanting to go into the hole but afraid to say it. Xu Feiniang said, "I wanted to go back to the mountain to see the red medicine, but I would very much like to visit Miss Cheng Yun in the cave. Let’s go in and disturb a cup of green tea." Red medicine suddenly felt that the master was full of joy for his care.

Qi Lingyun saw that Hongyao was naive and was happy to pull Hongyao’s hand all the way into the hole. However, Zi Xin is not an outsider, and Yi Yu also enjoys a son-in-law treatment that few people like.
When Yi Yu first arrived in Baoshan, she thought it must be dark and gloomy in a cave, and at most she lit some lamps and candles. Who knows that when you look into the cave, although the lights and candles are smaller, the walls are as bright as the daytime furnishings, elegant and warm as spring. Several people sat down. Although Ji Lingyun and Lian Hongyao talked speculatively, they were finally not the same people. Soon Xu Feiniang would get up and leave. Although JiLian two people reluctant to part, but also can’t. Xu Fei Niang took the red medicine to say goodbye to Qi Lingyun and left with a surprise.
After seeing off Xu Fei Niang, Qi Lingyun came back to discuss with Zi Xin. Although Qi Lingyun seems to be young, his practice time is not short, and he is also very caring for the clever purple heart around his mother.
At this time, there are only four people left in the cave. That boy Ji Jinchan really doesn’t know where he went. Qi Lingyun looked at Zi Xin and Yi Yu and said with a smile, "Sister Zi Xin, you are so good that you don’t go into the cave in Jiuhua Mountain. You are just having an affair outside, so you forget my teacher elder sister when you have a lover?"
Purple heart blushed and blushed. "Elder martial sister can bully others and know that purple heart won’t do that."
"oh? Why is that? "
"It’s not that he said he couldn’t disturb the senior sister and insisted on having a picnic. Fortunately, he met Jin Chan and the monk."
Mentioned the monk Ji Lingyun couldn’t help but think of Yi Yu’s amazing sword. It’s not easy for her to practice for many years and want to explode such a violent shock wave, let alone be ready in an instant in the battle. Qi Lingyun doesn’t know that although Yi Yu’s cultivation is not high at this time, the refined body has definitely made his body strong enough to withstand the energy impact of casting advanced spells, that is to say, from the perspective of energy alone, Qi Lingyun and Yi Yu’s spell power is almost the same, but her mana, skills and experience are much more abundant. So if you start work, Yi Yuwan is no match at this time.

The fifteenth time the face of the snake demon
Qi Jinchan is usually annoyed that Xu Feiniang disappeared without talking when she came. At this time, she jumped out of nowhere and sat next to Yi Yu with a smile: "Brother Yi Yu’s sword was really powerful just now, and my sister didn’t hurt the thief during that half day. You went up and cut his arm with a sword."
Yi Yu smiled at the lovely Ji Jinchan. Of course, he wouldn’t think that it was really funny that Ji Lingyun was just looking at Ji Jinchan’s proud look at his sister. "Brother Qi joked that I have been practicing for only a few years and I can compare with Miss Yun."
Yi Yu’s statement has aroused people’s curiosity. It has been so capable for several years! This degree of cultivation is also abnormal! But put the siblings are all demeanor also don’t gaffe is Sun Na looked at a face of proud purple heart and show the color of envy JiLingYun face some great.
When Qi Lingyun saw it, he changed the subject and said to Qi Jinchan, "Brother Cicada, why didn’t you even talk about Xu Feiniang today? Don’t you make people laugh at Qi Jiatai for being rude? Besides, what is it that you just lost a few little Koganamaru? What are you saying in front of outsiders? " Looking up at Sun Nan, he felt his face flushed and answered, "I know that my brother was a younger brother in your previous life, so he refused to take care of it." From today on, I will go to my dad and let you live here alone! " Say before JiJinChan said a white light fly away.
Sun Nazi and Xin saw his brother and sister bickering and were about to persuade Qi Lingyun to walk away with a golden light. Qi Jinchan looked calm and said, "Brother Sun and Sister Zixin don’t worry. My sister loves me the most, but she always quarrels several times a day. Her swordsmanship is high, and your skills are not high. I might as well catch up with you. It’s useless to worry, but wait until my mother comes back. But if it’s Brother Yi Yu, you might catch up. "
Yi Yu looked at the three people gathered together and took a leisurely sip of tea. Purple heart way: "what’s the matter with you! I don’t take an idea in this hurry. "
"You see, it’s useless for me to be a girl. If I’m within a thousand feet, I’m much faster than her, but I can’t do this long distance." Three people a listen to is also a burst of frustration. "But …" Yi Yu half sentence is hateful sipped his tea.
"But what? Come on, if you dare to delay the punishment again. " Said the purple heart hands have been placed on Yi Yu’s waist.
Yi Yu said with a smile, "You don’t have to worry about Miss Yun’s refusal, but Mount Emei seems to be south-west of here. Your sister seems to be a little east-south of due south. Where is that?"
"Huangshan!" It is obvious that Qi Lingyun has mostly gone to Huangshan Mountain. If he goes to eat Master Xia in Huangshan Mountain, he should not be back for long. Qi Jinchan immediately cheered up and said, "We could have played around after mother left. If my sister really left, we would have to walk around."
Yi Yu laughed: "How dare you dare not travel far at home like that? Have you suffered before?"
Qi Jinchan heard this: "Brother, you don’t know that there are many monsters around Jiuhua Mountain. If they are not good, their lives will be in danger! There is a fierce demon named beauty python in the deep valley under the drunken fairy cliff. The snake body is covered with blue scales and shines brightly in the sun. It’s extremely poisonous. It’s thought that the immortal who was deeply enlightened by Taoism sealed it under the drunken fairy cliff at first. If the spell has been loosened for a long time today, it must be necessary to get out of trouble soon. "
Purple heart seems to be unbelieving. "Is it that powerful?"
Qi Jinchan said in a hurry, "Of course, if my mother hadn’t saved me last time, I would still be alive! According to my mother, the snake has been imprisoned in the cave for hundreds of years, and it seems that there is still grass for food. It is really extraordinary. "
Yi Yu asked, "Since that snake demon is so powerful, won’t an avatar as big as Uncle Shi kill it for the world when he sees that it is coming out to harm the world?"
Qi Jinchan said with a smile, "Who said it would be easy to spare it? Mother said that there was a cause and effect here and someone had to come to help. "
Sun Nan answered, "In that case, the helper must be very powerful."
Jin Chan shrugged her shoulders and said helplessly, "It’s not necessarily that according to her mother, this man is not very capable now, but it should be when he comes that the number of monsters and snakes has run out." Moreover, this man’s birthdates was born on Shengke at noon on the afternoon of May, and he is the hard enemy of the demon snake, so it is easier to wait for him to help. "
When Sun Nan heard this, it suddenly dawned on him and said, "No wonder Uncle Shi wants to keep me here to help. I was born at noon in May of this year."
When Qi Jinchan heard this, he was overjoyed and said, "That’s a relief. I didn’t expect you to be the helper my mother said. How about getting rid of the demon with you at noon tomorrow? "
Sun Nan knows that Golden Cicada is lively and bold. Although my ability is limited, Mrs. Miao said that I should fight the demon on him in case something goes wrong. How can I bear the heavy responsibility? I was afraid that Jin Chan would laugh at his cowardice if he refused. I got stuck in a dilemma.
Yi Yu couldn’t help seeing the beauty python when she heard it. It’s just a poisonous cold light barrier. If we can add this beauty python, we will be able to go further. Seeing Sun Nan’s hesitation, Yi Yu smiled and said, "Brother Sun and Brother Qi are absolutely right. Since this disaster should be on the brother, it is God’s will. Why not waver?" I am willing to do my best to help my brother. "
Sun Nanben hesitated. When Qi Jinchan saw it, he said with a smile, "Brother Yi Yu is happy that this is what we want to be a chivalrous man." He also glanced at Sun Na who hesitated. "The first time I went to Zuixian Cliff, my mother said that it was about to be born. It has been two months now, maybe it was born in this day or two. Always putting off making decisions, raising tigers and endangering the future will be out of control. The ancients put it well:’ eliminate all evils’; First laid hands on him for strong after laid hands on him. I met Zhu Wen’s sister in Huangshan the other day and talked about it. She generously agreed to help. I’m afraid that her master will take offense and secretly lend me several magic weapons of Master Dinxia. Just now, I started work with a thief monk because I’m afraid I was damaged by that thief monk like a golden pill. I’m sorry that Sister Zhu Wen didn’t want to take it out in the future. Now, I’m listening to Brother Sun birthdates’s days to get rid of the future trouble … "
This Sun Na is also a competitive young man. He heard Jijinchan’s mouth mapping, but he was timid, but he also came up with heroism. He was about to promise to go with him. At this moment, the enchanting figure of Qi Lingyun stood in front of the cave with a flash of white light. Qi Jinchan, who looked at his mouth like a barrage, said angrily, "What are you planning for this little thing?" Golden cicada stopped when she saw her sister come back with joy.
In fact, Qi Lingyun has been away for a long time. I often heard her parents say that she would fall into the dust again. It is not easy to give up her hundred years of practice. At this time, it happened that Sun Nan’s mother was suspicious of his special favor, so she suspected that the words of the past robbery were afraid to come true.
How JiLingYun willingly tried to avoid talking to Sun Na. But when my mother went, she asked Sun Nan to learn fencing from her. Lingyun was always filial to her mother and never disobeyed her heart, although she didn’t want to face it. Moreover, Qi Lingyun, who is natural and graceful, has a deep heart like a mirror and is spotless, but somehow he felt a special feeling at the sight of Sun Nan, neither love nor hate.
This makes Qi Lingyun even more afraid, but he doesn’t know what to do. Today, seeing the green mountain school’s Yi Yu seems to have the same feeling as Sun Na … Qi Lingyun is even more afraid to think that he finally had to borrow a header to avoid going to Huangshan, only to realize that Zhu Wen, a disciple of Master Dinxia, secretly lent several treasures to Ji Jinchan for the sake of the snake demon. But I hurried back to see that they were talking about the snake demon, so I hid and peeped in the dark.
Qi Jinchan was happy when he saw his sister coming back, but his face kept quiet. "Didn’t you leave? What are you doing back?" Aren’t you going to see Brother Sun and Brother Yi Yu show their magical powers to catch the evil spirits and kill them tomorrow? "
Qi Lingyun smiled and said, "I’m not ashamed to seduce Sister Zhu Wen to steal the treasures of your uncle’s town and mountain, which has caused people to suffer a lot for you."
"What? !” JiJinChan a listen to frightened "Wen Jie what’s the matter? !”
"Hum! You dare to ask your sister Wen, this boy. Now the guy is furious and says that he will drive her out of the door. Are you embarrassed? "
Hearing this, Golden Cicada ran over in shame and desperation, pulling Lingyun’s sleeve and said, "Good sister, is this true?" Sister Wen, she stole the treasure of Master Zhenshan and borrowed it from me to get rid of the demon. It was a matter of loyalty. I don’t want to hurt her to this extent. How can I feel sorry? Look, ask the master for a favor for the sake of my brother and think of some way to save her. "
JiLingYun see golden cicada little face flushed with anxiety that anxious appearance can’t help secretly funny in my heart. "You are so fierce and disobedient on weekdays," he said. "Even today, you beg me. It’s not what I do. It’s none of my business. Master likes you so much, won’t you ask for it yourself? "
Qi Jinchan said, "Don’t embarrass me, dear sister. As long as you can help me this time, no matter what you say, brothers will never disobey orders again." Good sister, please spare your brother this time. " When I said this, my eyes were dizzy and I almost cried.
Yi Yu looked at Qi Lingyun’s brother and sister and couldn’t help laughing. It felt very real. People who seemed far away were within reach now. Things that seemed weird were living now. The road ahead is really exciting!

Sixteenth snake-killing operation
Killing the snake demon is a merit. Although Zhu Wen borrowed a magic weapon privately, Master Dinxia didn’t blame it. It’s just that Qi Lingyun’s brother Doby is alarmist. At this time, when I saw my brother in a hurry, I stopped saying, "Good brother, don’t worry. Can my sister argue with you?" Besides, your sister Wen is such a good person. Master Dinxia said that this exorcism is still playing dumb about your sister Wen’s theft, and she will come to help you exorcise the demon tomorrow. Now you should be happy. "
Qi Jinchan couldn’t close her mouth when she heard the natural joy. "You are really my good sister! In this way, even your sister Tong Wen, brother Sun, sister Zi Xin and brother Yi Yu will help me catch the demon tomorrow, which is a foolproof thing. "
Qi Lingyun said, "Brother Cicada, don’t be crazy again! I heard from my mother that the demon snake is very powerful and serious. If it’s an ordinary demon snake master, why send Zhu Wen to help you? Don’t rely on many people to have a magic weapon. When it comes to fighting, we can’t take care of each other. It’s just around the corner. "
I slept soundly this night, and everyone said that I would save my strength tomorrow. It was only late at night that I suddenly heard a very piercing voice from outside the cave. Everyone in the cave has magical powers. Although he is asleep, he wakes up when he hears the sound.
Yi Yu lazily put on his clothes and strolled out of the hole. All the people were already there. Even Ji Jinchan’s boy was one step ahead of Yi Yu. Ignore Zi Xin’s slightly reproachful eyes and look around to see that the moon and the stars are bright and the Milky Way is a good moonlit night in the sky. That strange sound with a strange flute just now came from the drunken fairy cliff with the wind.
Qi Lingyun’s figure flashed up to the heights and looked over at Zuixian Cliff by the light of the stars and the moon. I saw dark clouds and colorful fog filled with red light, and golden smoke came out of the hole of the beautiful python like fire. Look at the starlight again. It’s the ugliness at the end of the child and the yin at the beginning.
Everyone looked at each other to see that the snake demon was so powerful that it was extremely annoying. JiLingYun also panic suddenly flew from the south a sword of light has reached the front for a moment.
Qi Jinchan had already stepped forward and took the bearer’s hand and introduced to everyone: "This is my sister Zhu Wen. This is my brother Bai Xia, Sun Nan, Zi Xin, and my brother Yi Yu, a disciple of Zhu Shibo of Qingcheng School. "
Qi Lingyun asked, "Why did Sister Zhu Wen visit in the middle of the night?"
"At the other time, I was studying hard. Suddenly, Master came in and said that the drunken fairy cliff demon snake would come out of the hole at noon tomorrow. Now it has called a thyme snake python there, and it is bound to be weird. I am afraid that the sisters will cause it to escape. So I ordered my sister to come and plan together. " Qi Lingyun and others heard the news and asked Zhu Wen to sit down and talk.
In fact, what’s Zhu Wen’s plan when he is young? It’s just that Master Dinxia has other instructions when he comes. It turns out that all the treasures that Zhu Wen secretly lent to Qi Jinchan have uses. On that day, the yellow beads were made of realgar for thousands of years. When the snake demon was released, there were thousands of yellow lights covering the surrounding miles. This time, the demon snake has hooked many similar snakes, and after they are prepared to come out, they will make an insurrection in Jiuhua Mountain, among which there are several powerful poisonous pythons. This pearl was taken by Qi Lingyun to find a peak to stand on. When the demon snake broke through the hole and escaped from the rest of the poisonous snakes, it was released with the sword light of the sister.
Zhu Wen took out five herbs, about three or four inches long, and one stem with nine spikes was bright red and fragrant, and handed one to Qi Jinchan, saying, "This name of Zhu Cao, also known as red to ward off evil spirits, is not harmful in the mouth. The demon snake summons the same kind with its strange sound at noon every day. We must avoid poison with Zhu Cao in our mouth. Also, the 108 fairy knives must be inserted every three steps outside the mouth of the demon snake, and the knives should be inserted before noon. When inserted close to the snake hole, it must contain Zhu Cao to avoid poison invasion. This is the most dangerous and laborious thing. Do you dare to go with me? "
Qi Jinchan was overjoyed and said, "I’ll set it up before the snake demon comes out of the hole."
Zhu Wen asked again, "Do we have a person who was born at noon on the afternoon of May?"
Sun Nan was very envious when he saw Zhu Wen’s beauty and heroic spirit. Remembering that I have spent a lot of hard work, who knows what I have met since I went down the mountain, don’t say that the old-timers are all like one another, but I almost added a burden to people yesterday, and I feel very ashamed. At this time, I saw Zhu Wen asking about the uplifting spirit and casually looked at Yi Yu and replied, "I am."
Zhu Wendao: "This snake has been practicing for thousands of years and is very powerful. Since taking the Rouzhi Cave, the scales of the whole body are like a hundred trials of fine steel, which is by no means something that ordinary xianjian can hurt. There are only two fatal places: one is the snake’s seven inches; One is the white line that divides water in the middle of its belly. But even if you can hurt it in two fatal places, it will only reduce most of its strength, and you have to rely on the beads and swords of your sister to get all the work. "
As he spoke, he handed Sun Nan a Zhu Cao, and took out a short golden spear from his side and gave it to Sun Nan. "When I get there, you have this Zhu Cao in your mouth, holding this magic spear in your hand, and staring at the snake hole below. That snake demon is very cunning. It is not known whether he taught other snakes to get out of the hole first before he got out of the hole. An impatient misuse of this spear will spoil the broth. When it comes out, it is as fast as the wind, so pay special attention. Fortunately, there is a long head on the head of the demon snake that is easy to identify. At that time, you saw clearly its seven-inch mouth and shouted that if the spear was released, it would hurt the enemy. "