There are many problems in this.


For example, what social problems, system problems and traditional culture problems …
These things are often out of control, but he can do something within his power.
This is his code of conduct after crossing.
He has never been too involved in the development of football in China. He knows that it is futile, but he may put himself into it. So he refused to coach the Olympic team to play the Olympic Games. As a result, now he is in a detached position to help the development of China football …
Even if he is a traveler alone, it is impossible to change many reasons such as social politics, economy and culture.
But he can build such a football school to provide all the children who like football with a chance to succeed-he doesn’t guarantee that he will succeed. No one can make such a promise, but it’s better than no chance, right?
You know, it is not easy to open a door for these children that may lead to their dreams.
What he can solve the problem of football in China is the cultivation of young players. He hopes to use his personal influence and the influence of Lazio Club to make more China children and their parents realize that if their children play football well, it will be promising. Even if you can’t be a professional player, you can receive cultural education in football school, which is completely in line with local education. You can take the senior high school entrance examination and college entrance examination, and you can go to college. Because of the support of the Football Association, studying here can also get a national athlete certificate, which can give them extra points in the college entrance examination.
Finally, even if you don’t get into college, you can change your job and become a coach.
They can come to Lazio for training, become coaches in football schools, even apply for jobs in professional football clubs in China, or seek development in Europe. Lazio clubs can recommend them.
When these people receive more advanced football training and study, their understanding of football and their teaching level will be improved.
These high-level coaches work in various places, and they may not be able to reach the point of winning. But when they get together, they can become the foundation of the rise of football in China.
There are a large number of excellent coaches, many children who love football, and more and more excellent American players go to Europe, China and other parts of the world to play football. You can see the active figure of China players anywhere … When the time comes, plus the publicity and public opinion influence of the media, if the vice chairman succeeds in taking the upper position … These combined forces will work together.
Changsheng believes that the football environment in China will get better little by little.
This is his ambition.
It is also the most important thing he thinks he should do after crossing over.
Why does an ordinary China fan who is full of affection and resentment for China football cross over to a coach from China?
Perhaps this is the most important purpose?
I want to change China football, not the storm, but the basic work, just like Xu Genbao grinding a sword in Chongming Island for ten years.
Do these basic tasks, train young players and coaches in China, and change this football desert little by little.
Moreover, my strength alone is limited, but a single spark can start a prairie fire. Maybe I can drive more people who like and support football to move?
You see, isn’t Evergrande Group in Xu Jiayin also involved in China football?
Changsheng firmly believes that the future of football in China will be brighter if there are so many people who are willing to do practical things.
Even if we can’t be a strong team, it will be much better than now.
We can bring happiness to hundreds of millions of soccer fans in China, and that’s enough.
Ever since crossing, Changsheng has spent ten years working hard in Europe, and now he has finally worked hard to create a sky of his own.
He wants to make his efforts in the past ten years valuable and meaningful.
We should do it now!
He firmly believes that his choice is right, and this road … is right!
Chapter three hundred and sixty-eight The Lost Prince
There are still many contents in the cooperation among Lazio Club, China Football Association and Wanda Group, and this is what the China media are most concerned about these days.
They discussed the situation after the tripartite cooperation enthusiastically.
There are also many media interested in Lazio’s football school in Dalian.
Lotito, who is in Beijing, has appeared in the media in China for many times. He frequently participates in various TV talk shows and receives exclusive interviews from the media.
If you only count this period of time, then he must be the most famous club president in China.
Everyone knows that the president of Lazio is Lotito, and he also knows what Lotito looks like. His photos have appeared on the covers of newspapers and magazines many times.
Changsheng didn’t go back to China because he had to lead the team to play the game, so he left all the limelight to Lotito.
Always win and don’t care.
What he wants is to do practical things.
He doesn’t care if he can’t show off.
The last game of the 28th league is Lazio vs Palermo.
There is no suspense in this game. Lazio beat Palermo 3-0 at home.
The 29th round of the league, Rome derby.
In the first Rome Derby this season, Lazio slaughtered eight goals in Rome at their own home, among which Klose scored seven goals alone, setting a record.
That game is still talked about by people.
Of course, this is not a good thing for Roma fans.
After that game, the Sensi family announced the launch of Rome, and the Italian UniCredit Bank took back the ownership of Rome and then listed it, hoping to sell it.
In the past six months, they have been looking for reliable buyers.
Now they have basically found it.
The consortium from the United States has basically reached an agreement with UniCredit Bank. They will buy 60% of the shares of the Club of Rome, and the remaining 40% will still belong to UniCredit Bank. Of course, UniCredit Bank can sell 20% of its shares to other Italian buyers to ensure that UniCredit Bank has two seats on the board of directors.
However, the two sides have not signed an agreement, so there is no substantive transfer.
Moreover, even after the two sides signed the contract, in order to ensure the stability of the club, Daniele Di Benedetto, the representative of the American consortium, would not immediately cut the management in Rome. He would let the management in rosella sensi work until the end of the season, and then change the management after the end of this season.
Now, the people of the club of Rome can finally put aside their hanging hearts.
The transfer has been basically settled, and they have been rushing about it for the past few months.
As a result, the team’s performance became very unstable.