Li Sanjiu sneered, "Do you want to see how many imps she has?"

重庆夜网,重庆耍耍网,重庆桑拿论坛,重庆夜生活论坛桑拿会所 Li Sanjiu sneered, "Do you want to see how many imps she has?"

Although there are evil spirits to protect him from serious injuries, it is still difficult for Cui to stumble in the middle of the city
She wouldn’t be in such a mess if she hadn’t lost her heart and strength.
She covered her heart with evil spirits, and her beautiful eyes were full of resentment and hatred in the noisy and feasting streets.
Passers-by looked at the bloody woman with strange eyes. Some people even took out their cell phones and called the police.
Cui Guling sat down to the side of the road and spread a plastic chair.
There are many people and smells here. Li Sanjiu is not so easy to find her. She can get a short break.
You can’t go back in silence
The lively and noisy market at present is different from that of 300 years ago.
I haven’t felt so busy for a long time. Her eyes are fascinated and she quietly stares at the road fumes and food pedestrians.
The stall owner looked at her covered in blood and came over to ask if she needed help.
Cui therefore ling shook his head.
People at a table next to them talk in a low voice.
"I’ve seen this child clean and beautiful every time I brush a post, and I have a family at first sight, but it’s been half a year and it’s too slow for my family to find it."
"This dagger looks like an antique. Is it valuable?"
"What dagger?"
"That kid was wearing it. When he was found, he was wearing a dagger. It’s still a ghost pattern. It’s scary."
"This dagger is like an antique. The child won’t be a grave robber, will he? Steal treasures from the ancient tomb and then things in the tomb are scared to death, so they lose their memory and live on the streets of Shencheng. "
"Have you read too many online articles?" The companion laughed at him.
Cui Guling snatched the mobile phone from her master.
The host got up. "What are you doing?"
The dagger in the screen is familiar to her, but she saw the beautiful face of the teenager in the row.
She looked at her master’s anger and gently stroked that face across the screen. Her lips gave a tender smile, "Xiao Xuan …"
"You honestly whether grave robbers? !”
The temperature is already high in late spring, and the windows and doors are wide open.
In the afternoon, the wind poured into the hut to bring refreshing coolness.
The teenager is sitting in front of the table in a short-sleeved shirt, and Sakura and Li Xiaohai are sitting opposite him.
The girl tried to make herself look fierce, but she didn’t have any momentum with her beautiful face.
There is an inventory of hearts on the table and a pot of cooled scented tea.
He poured a cup of tea for Lu Ying, and the girl didn’t drink it for more than half a year. She never looked so serious.
Teenagers are at a loss
"This dagger is a cultural relic." Lu Ying slapped his dagger on the table. "A history professor appeared on the post to help you find your family. He analyzed the pattern and material of the dagger. This thing is very precious for hundreds of years. At present, there is no such cultural relic in the collection world unless it is newly dug up."
Hearing the dagger being hit hard on the table, the boy was distressed.
He wanted to pick up the dagger and slap Lu Ying on the back of his hand. He had to give up slowly and retract his hand.
"Tell me what you did before?" Road cherry white face with a saddened expression "won’t really drill holes? Normal people’s children have been missing for so long that they have been turned upside down. You have been missing for half a year and no one has come to the police. There is not even a informant who doesn’t remember his name. He used to have an ancient knife with him. It may be a grave robber … "
"I know!" Li Xiaohai struck the table and was impassioned. "You must be surnamed Zhang!"
Lu Ying "…"
"Mimi" she took the teenager’s hand. "People will do something wrong. It’s not terrible. There is no chance to correct it. Even if you rob a tomb, it’s a thing of the past. If you tell your sister that I will accompany you to surrender, you still have a long way to go, huh?"
The teenager stubbornly said, "Not a sister."
"The address doesn’t matter. Are you listening to me carefully?"
Teenager "I don’t remember"
Lu Ying said seriously, "You didn’t lie to me?"
Teenagers shake their heads.
"If you lie to me, I’ll throw you out and let you stay with stray cats on the street."
The boy looked at her awkwardly, his eyes red.
Li Xiaohai pulled Lu Ying out of the door. "I’m telling you, this little finger is really weird."
"I felt something was wrong when I went to a haunted house for the night these days. Why did I have to encounter something strange in the house before? I was depressed the next day, right? But nothing strange has happened since he followed him. Dafu once told me that he felt a hand touching him after taking a nap late, and then the little body whizzed a black light and the hand disappeared. "
If I heard this before, Lu Ying must have thought he was wrong.