Ran Yuanfei walked a few steps closer to the old man. "Grandpa, there are girls in our team who can’t stand the cold. Please let us stay for one day and there are still very powerful people in our team …"

重庆夜网,重庆耍耍网,重庆桑拿论坛,重庆夜生活论坛桑拿夜网 Ran Yuanfei walked a few steps closer to the old man. "Grandpa, there are girls in our team who can’t stand the cold. Please let us stay for one day and there are still very powerful people in our team …"

He pointed to Xie as "so tall and powerful"
And pointed to Jiang Ji early "and with weapons! We will protect ourselves! Please let us stay for one day ~ "
Xie Ji was inexplicably asked by ue, but he still spoke very cooperatively. "Yes, please let us stay for one day. We are all adults, and we will be responsible for anything."
Others have also put in a good word with the elders.
"There will be a rush to die" old man ao however they left arm to sit in the plush chair "want to live with you! It’s just right. There are fourteen rooms on the second and third floors! I live on the east side of the second floor, so divide the others among yourself! "
Everyone is relieved. It’s nearly ten o’clock now. Living in the tower may kill one or two people. Living outside is a mass destruction.
Xie Ji naturally sat down next to the old man and set up almost "Grandpa, my name is Xie Ji. What’s your name?"
Old man, "My name is Wu Kou Tian Wu, and my single name is Kang Zi."
Thank you. "Grandpa Wu, what did you say that living in the tower would kill people?"
Wu Kang sighed, "You don’t know that this tower is called the Town Evil Tower. There is a murderous evil spirit in the town. It is not dead yet. You young people are all popular. It can feel it."
Thank you. "Since it’s so dangerous, why are you still in the tower?"
Wu Kang: "The town evil tower needs people to guard it. All the young people in the village are going to work in the city. I can’t hold on much longer with my old bones. I don’t know what to do with the town evil tower after my death …"
After chatting with Wu Kang, Xie Ji came to the third floor with Jiang Jichu and chose no one to live in.
Tonight is the first night. It’s safer for two people to live together.
The tower is circular, and the wall of the room also has a smooth curvature. Arrange it near the window for a while to form a very beautiful bay window.
But it is a miracle that the tower is not for people to live in and has rooms.
The century style of the house is more obvious than that of the altar slum, and the furniture and bedding are covered with a thin layer of ash.
Xie sent him away by the window. Although he didn’t like the rain, he didn’t like the dead smell even more.
He tried to open the window, but found that the window was welded to the wall. The emerald water glass was so thick that he could vaguely see the raindrops splashing on the surface.
We can make do with it first
Fortunately, the bed is a double bed, and the two of them sleep more than enough.
On each floor, there is a washroom. Xie Ji and Jiang Yunchu take out the new bed from the cupboard and change it for a simple washroom. Then they both lie down.
The long Dao is placed between two people like a dividing line, which is convenient for whoever has something late.
The clues haven’t come out yet, and they are going to wait until the day to see them. After a brief chat, they will close their eyes and sleep.
The night is getting deeper and deeper
Thank you for your good sleep quality, but you are alert enough.
He woke up for the first time at the moment when he noticed the top of his head
His eyes were not open, but his mind was clear quickly
Not an illusion
Something is reaching for his hair from the wall.
Chapter 37 Chapter 37
Hair trembling clearly handed to the scalp.
He can feel each other’s careful temptation, and feel that his hair is touched and caught.
Not a few, but the hand wants to hold a big one.
Young and handsome, Mr. Xie doesn’t want to be dragged by his head, nor does he want to be smashed into the Mediterranean.
He drew his sword backhand at an extremely fast speed, and the cold light was like lightning striking the bed in the dark.
Jiang Zhichu didn’t fall asleep. When he heard the long knife drawn from its sheath, he rolled over and sat up, and turned on the bedside lamp.
The wooden bedside was split into two pieces, and even the wall was marked with long and narrow traces. The sawdust wall ash floated slowly in the warm yellow light.
But there’s nothing but a little mess
Thunderstorm rumbled or crashed on the green glass outside the window and condensed into water, reflecting the bedside lamp secretly.
Jiang Jichu rubbed his eyes. "Are you sleepwalking?"
Thank you for sending "something pulled my hair just now"
Jiang Zhichu straightened up and probed to see that Xie Ji’s head was "not bald"
Xie Ji had to put the long Dao back into the scabbard. "If I want to be bald, I have to finish with that thing."
They can’t stay up all night. Thank you for sending a yawn. "Go to sleep and be careful in the middle of the night."
Two people say good night again, then pull out the bedside lamp to lie down.
It is difficult for Jiang Ji to fall asleep at the beginning, especially after being awakened from a dream.
He turned his back on Xie and took out his watch from his pocket as lightly as possible, rubbing the surface in opaque.