It is incredible that the Liu family, one of the five Chinese families and the first Chinese martial arts family, was usurped by a son-in-law with a foreign surname.

重庆夜网,重庆耍耍网,重庆桑拿论坛,重庆夜生活论坛品茶论坛 It is incredible that the Liu family, one of the five Chinese families and the first Chinese martial arts family, was usurped by a son-in-law with a foreign surname.

It’s not just the heads of those small families who are present. It’s unbelievable. Even among the five big families, Hu Jia, Mu Jia, Xiang Jia and Shi Jia all look surprised. Such important news is that they didn’t receive the wind in advance, and it’s even more frightening that the Liu family, such a huge family, could be so easily handed over to such a son-in-law whose surname is adopted by wife.
This is really weird, unless this Qin Na is the Liu master’s illegitimate life, which is the only reasonable possibility in the heads of other aristocratic families.
"What’s the matter? Light son, how did this Qin Na become the master of the Liu family? That Mr Head even if again believe Qin Na this small also can’t give him the whole liujia? I can’t do it if I change less. Even if Qin Na marries our Juaner, the teacher’s family still has to be surnamed Shi. What medicine did Mr. Liu take? Why didn’t you have any news before? "
Master Shi Li asked his son a good question, but Shiguang was also confused about Liu’s practice and didn’t know how to answer his master’s question
On the contrary, Shijuan looked at Qin Na next to her and felt a little bit jealous of Liu Shishi. In Shijuan’s view, this is the Liu family’s keeping Qin Na’s blood in the teacher’s family. There is no possibility that the master of the teacher will give Qin Na some help at most, but he will never hand over the teacher’s family to him. This is the difference, which also makes Shijuan more jealous of the Liu Shishi family’s choice and make such a big sacrifice.
Qin Na also felt Shijuan’s eyes, but Shijuan was guilty of dodging in the past. I saw Qin Na’s heart was sad, but Qin Na really had a good impression on Shijuan and lived together for so long. It can be said that Qin Nan’s feelings for her are definitely not less than Liu Shishi’s.
But Qin Na knows that to love someone is to devote herself wholeheartedly. How can she lust after other women when she already has Liu Shishi? This is not only disrespectful to Liu Shishi, but also disrespectful to Shijuan. Therefore, Qin Na remembered a beautiful and beautiful image. In that game, the fairy Chang’ e looks exactly the same, and the figure of Wang Yueer, a major with faint flowers, floated out again.
"No, my head is too messy. How can I miss these women?"
Qin Nan shook his head. There is nothing wrong with this sentence. When a person’s material life is guaranteed, he begins to think about it. What Qin Nan has repeatedly seen in his head these days is that he is holding his left hand and holding his right hand and sleeping with a big quilt.
"Brother Yong Guang, what you said is true? Can this kind of words be a child’s play! "
Hu Tao, the owner of the Hu family, frowned and still didn’t believe it. He asked Liu Yongguang again, but Liu Yongguang said to him with a relaxed face of relief, "Brother Hu, I know that your Hu family has been representing the central government in balancing our aristocratic forces over the years, and we are also trying to weaken our aristocratic forces. But now it’s the end of the world, so don’t correct these. If you want to be able to get us out of the misery at the end of the day, what’s the harm in making our Liu family name Qin? And Hu Xiong, I advise you that the state machine is not a family that can manipulate the family to find a way out earlier. "
"What do you mean? You mean? Is it such a big deal? Can you protect the whole Liu family? "
Hu Tao clearly understood Liu Yongguang’s voice-over. Looking at Qin Nanyue from a new perspective, the more he felt that Qin Nanshen had an extraordinary temperament, which he had seen in the pioneer leader of this country. Yes, that is, the dragon spirit is the emperor spirit. In short, it is the purple spirit of Qin Nanshen, the emperor and HarmonyOS.
The owner, HarmonyOS Ziqi, is born with a power that can frighten people. In daily life, he will unconsciously make people believe and minister.
See Qin Na body vaguely handed out the momentum Hu Tao this just carefully know oneself before look down upon the Qin Na now seems to be more Qin Na such a huge variable in the family.
"Everyone here must have known that the end of the world is coming, right?"
At this time, Qin Na broke the silence and said to the heads of all the families, "Just now, everyone saw that my ability to defeat several gene fighters was actually not the Liu family martial arts, but the magic and magic. I believe that you also know that the sudden interruption of the game a few days ago led to a wanton stop!" That is, I brought out the ability to repair the middle of the game, and now I am a spiritual immortal … "
I was even more surprised when I saw Qin Na. When they came to Qin Na, they would say something such as "I just accepted the Liu family’s invitation to take more photos", but I didn’t expect Qin Na to reveal such a secret that he actually had spiritual cultivation.
It is not a secret that the ability in the game can be moved to reality. Those aristocratic families know more or less that some of these aristocratic families also practice some games, but that practice is at best the foundation period. It is a delusion to rely on the current earth aura to reach the then stage.
But they haven’t seen Qin Na, the first one, who can bring out the ability to repair in the game.
"ShiJuan! Master, uncle, thanks to your teacher’s care, I was able to go to a lot of trouble. Now I have achieved something. These three fire lotus flowers can directly promote human cultivation to the Du Jie period. You can immediately refine it with my help. It is also a small reward for me. "
Qin Na came to the teacher’s side with three fire lotus, and spread out the three fire lotus, which was full of poor energy. The teacher’s ceremony and Shiguang saw the fire lotus capital Bai Qinna, and they didn’t speak falsely or politely, so they swallowed it with fire lotus.
Shi Juan has already swallowed a fire lotus in Qin Na during the game. It’s not surprising to see it in reality. It’s a little touched that Qin Na took the initiative to come to her side. Looking at Qin Na’s eyes with tears as if she would cry at any time, it’s true that these days she left Qin Na and faced a family crisis. Shi Juan suffered too much at the end of the world.
Chapter two hundred and fourteen Auction fire lotus ()
Looked up and looked at Qin Na grinning, revealing his little white teeth. Shijuan smiled and looked at the palm of her hand again. She heard Qin Na put a grain of fire in her ear and said with a smile, "Xiaojuanjuan hasn’t seen me for so long. Should she have forgotten me? Na … Don’t be afraid of this fire lotus. You have tasted it in the poisonous game. Rest assured, eat well. "
"Qin Na I …"
Shi Juan was speechless at this time. She looked at Qin Na with watery eyes and then slowly bowed her head to meditate. After a second, she suddenly stretched her neck and kissed Qin Na gently like a chicken pecking rice. Then she quickly swallowed the fire lotus in her hand and ran to her father and grandfather to start refining it.
"This girl …"
Being attacked so suddenly, Qin Na’s mouth assumed a Nai-like attitude. In fact, I was flattered to see that I was sitting there now seriously refining the fire lotus Shijuan Qin Na’s heart, and a great sense of satisfaction flooded in.
But now Qin Na still has to look after Master Liu Shili and Master Liu Shiguang. In reality, they are all fragile. Ordinary people’s physique is not so good as that of Liu’s martial arts elite who grew up. It will not be too easy to refine so much energy in the fire lotus.
So Qin Na entered his immortal yuan into one of them at the head of three people’s emergency to help them keep the meridians stable and true yuan, thus refining the fire lotus smoothly. However, like the Liu brothers, they can’t immediately refine the energy in the energy department now, pushing them to the yuan baby stage and stopping. The rest of the energy will be temporarily spent in the body, and slowly refining the breakthrough to the Du Jie base is a certain thing.
"how about it? Master, master, uncle, Juaner, get familiar with the real yuan, qi and mana in a body first, and see what happens. "
God knowledge slightly tested one or three people’s bodies and found that there was nothing serious except a little fatigue caused by stretching and expanding muscle meridians. Qin Na was relieved to let the three people have good luck.
"Teng …"
Shi Juan drank a light drink, and when she learned Teng magic in the game, her body immediately soared. It was simply a scene of flying fairy in the sky, which made the heads of the original Qin Na talking nonsense family stare big eyes and cover their hearts. Obviously, she could not bear such stimulation.
"I … my old man can fly …"
Master also learned to learn Shijuan’s practice and fluttered up. Plumes of white hair and beard were placed in the middle. Master, who has always been serious, couldn’t help laughing like an old urchin Zhou Botong.
"What’s going on? Is the lotus in that little hand really a natural treasure that can make people instantly become immortals? "
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