But he is not in the mood to let Tiefan off the hook when this matter is delayed.

重庆夜网,重庆耍耍网,重庆桑拿论坛,重庆夜生活论坛喝茶资源, 桑拿夜网 But he is not in the mood to let Tiefan off the hook when this matter is delayed.

But he didn’t forget his black nature and severely extorted a sum of money.
Tiefan feels that a drop of sweat on his forehead will take advantage of this pool!
But if he doesn’t promise, if Chi Mi insists on taking the wolf away, he can’t hide his affairs. He has to endure, although he is very angry, but there is nothing he can do. Who told him not to play Chi Mi’s tricks? !
When Chi Mie said that he wanted to eat wolf meat, Chi Yuan immediately came out to join in the fun and said, "Bring one back to the king, too! Wang also wants to taste the wolf meat! "
Chi Mi glanced at Chi Yuan coldly and felt very strange.
He said that he wanted to eat wolf meat, but he was actually testing Tiefan. He was actually not interested in wolf meat. He was so stupid and cute that he believed it.
But for a moment, Chi Mi was completely speechless, because then other ministers said, "I have never tasted wolves, so I am not as good as taking one."
One minister said that other ministers joined in and said, "I’ll take one, too."
When the Prime Minister saw that everyone was extremely positive, he also said, "The Prime Minister should bring one."
He said that Bonai sobbed at the corner of his mouth again.
Because he knows that the planning process has now evolved into this because of the pool, he can’t help but be tight-lipped
Chixuan embarrassed smile immediately followed by 1 "I also want to try …"
So those ministers got the bodies of wolves one after another, but they didn’t get any points, so it was a pity to sigh.
Yun Shang and Yun Yao watched all this coldly, feeling that it was a farce. These ministers were really snobbish.
Things settled peacefully, and the Prime Minister’s wife, dou Dou Saiqi, could not help but breathe a sigh of relief.
Fortunately, there is a thrilling pool that has not been pursued.
This matter has been lifted in the past.
After Yunzui had eaten and bathed, her grandfather Yunzui didn’t die, but also came through. She was very excited.
In the future, in Mochi country, she is no longer alone but has relatives!
Although Yun won’t let her show that she knows him in front of everyone, Yun Zui is already very satisfied.
Feeling naive is treating her well!
Yunzui was so happy that he sat on the roof and raised his glass to the moon hanging in the sky and said happily, "Cheers!"
And then drink it off …
After drinking, Yunzui was happy and giggled, which made people suspect that she had been a mercenary. !
Ha, nothing like it!
I felt a slight headache because I drank a little cloudy yesterday, but it was nothing serious.
After getting up, I changed into a dark color dress, simply tied a bun and went out.
She stayed in that mansion last night, but her horse is going back to the Prime Minister’s Office.
After breakfast, Yunzui and Xiao Tian confessed and left.
Yunzui actually didn’t go back to the Prime Minister’s office first, but went directly to the palace.
But the palace is not casually entered.
Although she is a toffee, she has always recognized the waist tag and denied people!
But Yunzui has an appointment with Buddhist Xi to meet him outside the palace at this hour.
13 Chapter 13 What is arrogant?
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"Early" cloud drunk in a good mood just saw Buddhist interest said 1.
Buddhist Xi coughed and then said, "Don’t show that you are familiar with me."
Cloud drunk flat mouth then said "well …"
Yunzui went to the palace gate first, and sure enough, if she didn’t go with Chi Mi this time, she would be stopped when she entered the palace.
"Blind your dog, can you see clearly? I am a toffee from Yunzui Mochi!" Yunzui looks very angry.
The bodyguard who guards the palace door can’t help but sip his lips when he hears the words.